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5 Tips for Planning a Micro-Wedding

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The effects of coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) have been extensive, with many events either getting canceled or drastically adjusted to accommodate safety necessities. If you are planning a wedding, you may feel overwhelmed by what the pandemic has changed for your special day, but don’t fret. Here are some tips for planning a micro-wedding and getting the nuptials of your dreams.

What Should You Consider When Planning a Micro-Wedding?

1. Manage the Guest List

Keeping guest list numbers low is necessary for a micro-wedding and to ensure the safety of every attendee. Stick to close friends and family and forego plus-ones. Most people will understand the move considering the current health climate, and only inviting those closest to you will make sure the guest list remains under 10.

2. Choose the Perfect Venue

Since your guest list is small, your venue options are extensive. Restaurants and traditional wedding locations with outdoor seating or open party rooms can accommodate you while maintaining social distancing. Beautiful parks and gardens are also an option, providing a gorgeous backdrop in a safe, open environment.

3. Skip the Wedding Party

Each partner can choose one person to stand up with them at the altar during the ceremony, but let the rest of your friends be special guests at your micro-wedding. Eliminating the wedding party or keeping it to one or two people maintains the intimate setting of your day.

4. Personalize Everything

Having a smaller guest list in a cozy location offers a chance for more personalized touches. Handwritten invitations, specially customized favors, and even personalized decorations for the guest tables are easier to accomplish when there are fewer items to produce.

5. Customize the Menu

If you have guests that have dietary requirements or you want a more diverse menu, a more intimate wedding reception makes it simple to achieve. Any special requests or needs can be met when there are fewer individuals to cover. You and your partner may also be interested in a unique menu and cocktail items that may be harder to make for a larger guest list, either because of the time it takes to produce them or difficulty finding the right ingredients in bulk.

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