Recommended for groups under 150 people or smaller venues. This package includes all of the items from the Bronze Dance Package PLUS.


***Recommended for groups under 150 people or smaller venues***

This package includes:

  • A professional DJ dressed in a tuxedo will act as master of ceremonies for your dance, introducing the court, announcing special events, and interacting with students to bring energy to the evening.
  • Up to Four hours of entertainment for your event ranging from playing great music to hosting games and special events. (Additional hours available)
  • Your dance will be energized with incredible high quality digital sound and music. The DJ’s computer, filled with over 50,000 songs, will be able to satisfy requests instantly!
  • Edited Music! All of our music is radio edited for content to ensure that the music played is appropriate for high school students.
  • Online Request List! Our website at www.partypleasersservices.com allows students to log in to a private request list set up just for your school. They will create the playlist from our library of over 50,000 songs. Students will love the opportunity to make song requests on our website prior to the event. This list will even tally the total number of requests for each song, so we are sure to play the most popular songs at your school, not just what is popular on the radio!
  • Wireless handheld microphone provided for all announcements and sing-a-longs.
  • The security of a back-up system is built into this package.
  • Party Lighting Package offers a variety of computer controlled lighting effects to energize and set the mood of your dance floor.  This lighting package includes: Sound activated multicolored dancing lights to bring excitement to the dance floor, multicolored LED  lights to illuminate the dance floor and an LED mirror ball effect


*Pricing does not apply to Saturdays in June, September, October, and Holidays