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Last night I truly got to see how the other half parties and by other half, I mean other half of the world. I got to DJ Jack & Sara’s wedding last night. Sara is from the States, from an Amazing Family and Jack is from Australia. Typically when there is travel involved in a wedding, the one side is not represented well. Maybe one or two people (typically the immediate family) make the trip. Add in the fact that we are talking about Australia…. you know – The Other Side of The World!!! Not only did his Parents make it, but almost his entire Family, not to mention all of his Mates made the journey.

DJ Max Duffy

The one missing was his Brother Max, although he seemed to be parting just as hard, in his own way.  Max was the life of the party, his toast was classic, his dance moves(The Worm) were amazing and he didn’t even drink.

The Party was held at The Grand in Covington, KY and their staff, lead by Brent was Amazing. The Panko Crusted Tilapia was wonderful. I loved working with Don & his team from Kamera Art Group and I can’t wait to see the pictures. Last but not least, Mr. Dan Shallenberger of Poetic Cinema was there to capture the evening on film.

I have DJed 100’s of weddings, but last night I saw what a friendship, a love and a comradey of friends and family really is.

Thank you Jack & Sara Duffy for allowing Party Pleasers and Myself to be a part of your Amazing Journey.

Your DJ –Doug

P.S. – The Chocolate was great!!!