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Meet Robby Wolf- Party Pleasers DJ

Robby, a native of Reading Ohio is currently enrolled at the University of Cincinnati for Electrical Engineering with a declared minor in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Prior to joining the Party Pleasers team he developed his skills working with the sound and lighting crew for the City of Blue Ash.  This experience spawned an interest  in pairing his technical engineering knowledge with his love for musical expression he developed while in theater, the perfect combination for a DJ!  Robby’s go to music styles include country and classic rock, but he has experience across all genres.  As a DJ, he finds enjoyment from interacting with the crowd and getting to know new people.  Outside of performing as a DJ Robby enjoys playing the guitar, rock climbing and relaxing at an outdoor campsite.  His love for the outdoors helped him earn his impressive Eagle Scout badge from Reading Troop 633.