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Meet Maurice Levi – Master DJ

Originally from Ahoskie, NC, Maurice first immersed himself in the DJ scene in the summer of 1982 at WRCS & WQDK by assisting his father who was also a DJ. In order to further his career, he later attended Columbia School of Broadcasting and acquired a position with Salem Communications at KPRZ in San Marcos, CA, producing morning news, commercials and being a late night ”DJ”. In addition to his DJ skills, he is also a radiographer – hence his stage name DJ Xraze. While the big hair bands of the 80s and classic rock remain among his favorites, his ability to work a party ranges among all musical interests, supplemented by his background with Jewish, Greek and Spanish heritage. When he is not busy with parties, Maurice enjoys late nights at Waffle House, spending time with his wife, and traveling. After nearly thirty years in the business, he has become an excellent emcee and a Master DJ for Party Pleasers.