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Meet Jeff Clarke aka DJ Jeffermon Janzee- Master DJ

A senior master DJ, Jeff is one of our most experienced emcees. Inspired by his roommate in college, Jeff joined the scene and has been practicing for 19 years. After getting his taste of the karaoke scene, Jeff joined Party Pleasers for a change of pace. Drawn in by the lighting effects and Tim Fritts’ generosity, he soon found himself passionate about showing guests a good time, especially in elegant settings – and he knows elegant settings, having planned his own wedding in fourteen days! To date Jeff has performing over 700 events across the country.  Although he has the most fun at work, emceeing more than 60 weddings or events a year, Jeff also loves traveling to Mexico to put his Spanish fluency into practice. In addition to Mexico, he loves any place where there is blue water and white sandy beaches, as well as the chance to be outdoors and scuba diving, sky diving, hiking camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, or even playing paintball. In the midst of his fun inside and outside of work, his favorite part of it all is having five hundred people in a room ready to party!


2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Party Pleasers Rockstar DJ Award

2009 Party Pleasers Employee of the Year


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Fluent in Spanish