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Meet Greg Augspurger – Master DJ

Originally from Middletown,  Greg got his start as a DJ while in college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  Greg has always had a love for music, and been surrounded by musicians.  DJing offers him the opportunity to be close to the music industry without learning to play an instrument.  Typically you can find him rocking out to classic rock, blues or “anything from the 80’s”, but he still enjoys all of the current hits.  Greg is actively involved in coaching sports teams for grade school and high school students.  He says, ” working with these kids keeps me young and up on all the cool music.”  Greg’s passion for events comes from his belief that all the best stories and memories come from the reception.  That memory of the bride singing “Don’t stop believing” with all her friends or that one guest that surprised everybody knowing all the moves to “Thriller”.  He thrives on helping his couples create memories and stories that will last their lifetime.  He will also tell you, his goal is to help his couples relax and enjoy the night knowing they do no have to worry about any of the details when he’s at the helm.