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Meet Gil Cornwall – Master DJ

Gil aka DJ Spyder was born in Central America in the country of Panama.  While still in High School he started to practice his DJ skills on a dual cassette deck and any turntable he could get his hands on.  During his High School days he found himself doing basement parties for friends and classmates.  As his skills progressed, Gil graduated to a set of turntables.  This period of his career aligned with the early days of hip hop when pop music ran the music world.  He expanded his music interests to Michael Jackson, Prince, etc… When he was not studying or mastering his DJ skills, Gil spent his free time playing baseball.  On the field, he found himself listening to a lot of classic rock, rock & roll, and country music.  At home, Gil’s family kept the Latin flavor going as well as mixing in some reggae. As an adult, Gil has combined all of his multicultural experiences into a mainstream sound to please any crowd. Now, a proud father of 5, he helps manage the catering and events at his family restaurant in Middletown as well as work full time for 5/3 Bank.  With his infectious smile and superior mixing talent Gil can make any event a success!

Fluent in Spanish