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Meet Dave Klein – Party Pleasers DJ

Native to St. Louis, Dave’s degree in broadcast journalism is what led him down the path of emceeing. Claiming no one has a wider range of music knowledge than he, Dave is a great DJ – especially if you’re into the classics. While he thinks Lennon and McCarthy are musical geniuses, his musical knowledge allows him to adapt to all people, as well as to the feeling and mood of the party. His love for parties and making people happy is geared towards everyone, from children to seniors, which supplements his favorite part of DJing – taking the music and turning it into emotions. In addition to creating the perfect party, Dave also has ample experience in radio (owning his own show called Employment Straight Talk), television (previously having a show on the art and science of job hunting for 4/5 years), public speaking, etc. In addition to music, Dave also loves to travel, go backpacking, scuba diving, bass fishing, and bird watching with his wife. Not only does he love the outdoors, he makes the best BBQ pork steaks this side of the Mississippi and is an active member of his church. With the constant goal of having people walk away with a party to remember and a fun and goofy personality, Dave takes emceeing and DJing to a new level.