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Meet Clark Powell- Party Pleasers DJ

Born and raised in southwest Ohio, Clark currently resides near Caesar’s Creek in Waynesville, OH.  Many years ago, Clark’s love for music led him to become a ballroom dancer and Latin dancer. Off the Dance floor he expanded his skills as a sound engineer and video technician.  With 30 years of consulting, project management, and people management experience, Clark’s technical skills are unmatched.  Clark picked up a microphone in 2008 as an IT professor and has shared his technology knowledge in the classroom ever since.  He became acquainted with Party Pleasers through local dance events and decided to pursue a career in DJing.  This gave him an outlet to apply his skills in music and dance while creating a fun atmosphere and facilitating a good time with his guests.  If you ask him, Clark prefers to listen to music he can dance to with a partner such as classic rock and modern pop.  His DJ style reflects his dance style, low key, but play great music to keep the dance floor energized, and let the crowd strut their stuff. Clark has been known to slip into a line dance or two, or ask a member of the party to dance a ballroom or Latin number.

2016 Team Player of the Year