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June 19, 2014

Ernie was so professional!

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Ernie thought of so many little things that helped me plan this party for my son and his new bride, I can’t think of anything he could have done “better”! I called only 2 weeks before my event to request a DJ, Corey was extremely positive, and called me right back when he found someone to work the gig on such short notice. I was overwhelmed with Cory’s kindness, he didn’t dismiss me for any of my questions about what/how to do things! I had decided at the last minute that I needed to do music for the event, but with two weeks to go I was really panicked. Darbie Kincaid at the Engineer’s Club of Dayton (or event venue) recommended Party Pleasers based on a recent event they had done there. This was great advice!

Ernie was so professional! He called me a week before the event to go through the details. We emailed later after I uploaded a song list; he was so QUICK with his responses to me. I was impressed when we arrived that he was dressed so nicely, and everything went so smoothly because of his professionalism. Our party was sort of ‘non-traditional’ because we wanted it to be “wedding-themed’ but we didn’t want to try and ‘redo’ the wedding reception that had already taken place elsewhere. Ernie was just so accommodating, and pleasant to work with. I will DEFINITELY be calling Party Pleasers again, and asking to book specifically with Ernie Heyder! (* there were 3 potential engaged couples at the party last night, they were  ALSO very impressed!)

Event Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014
Event Location: Engineers Club of Dayton