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June 18, 2015

Both Kara and I could not have asked for more

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I do not know what you are paying John Grice, but it should be doubled, quadrupled, or even octupled. He did a fantastic job throughout the evening; folks danced throughout the night. He was very good at adapting, and playing slower songs as folks (after sheer exhaustion) periodically tired throughout the evening. He was always very receptive to requests from the groomzilla and the beautiful bride. He taught the entire reception party the correct form of the “Charlie Brown.” He went out of his way to try and help bustle the bride’s dress (prior to the reception. It was a monster of a bustle attachment that took five doctors, a wedding coordinator, an amateur seamstress, and a representative of the Hilton to figure out). Most importantly, John seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself throughout the evening. His attitude helped to set the tone for the evening, and both Kara and I could not have asked for more.

Event Date: Saturday, June 6, 2015
Event Location: Hilton Netherland Plaza