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January 20, 2015

Aaron knows what he is doing!

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I have to admit, that I was nervous about not knowing who our DJ was going to be for my daughters wedding. BUT, after our first meeting with Cory, and talking about what we would like to have, and not have at the ceremony, and reception, and after meeting with our DJ it was clear that Cory was SPOT ON in choosing our DJ Aaron!! The wedding date had to be changed a few months prior, due to a military deployment  extension of the groom, and everyone was wonderful, and accommodating. I don’t know if the fact that Aaron is also a Marine, like my son in law, made a difference for the event, or not, but, he knew what my son in law would like, and *not* like at the reception, and he was spot on!  I can tell you that EVERYONE is still saying how much of a great time they had! The groom hit it off with Aaron, as did everyone on the dance floor! He knew how to keep the party going for sure! He interacted with the guests, and showed us a few dance moves as well.  At one point, he decided to slow things down, just a bit, after “going hard” for about an hour and a half! I would say that in itself tells you that Aaron knows what he is doing! It was such a relief to know that after the ceremony, and all of the planning we had done and details to think of, that I could just hand over the reins to Aaron, and not worry about a thing! When we told our photographer we were using party pleasers for our DJ services, he  told us that he works with you, and has worked with Aaron in the past, and assured us that we went with the best! He was so right! We can’t thank you enough Aaron for such a fantastic evening, and all that you did to make the ceremony, and reception perfect! Semper FI.

Event Date: Saturday, December 20, 2014
Event Location: WPAFB Officer’s Club